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Inspection Capability

HYST has a laboratory approved by China National Accreditation Service  for Conformity Assessment. The inspection and calibration items approved cover 27 kinds of products with 129 parameters and 115 specifications in four professional fields of metal material testing, chemical analysis, NDT and calibration. The laboratory is composed of several specilaized laboratories, including a laboratory for testing mechanical and physical properties of metal material, a laboratory for chemical analysis, a laboratory for testing corrosion resistant properties of metal material, a laboratory for experiment of full-size casing and tubing, a laboratory for measure and calibration and a laboratory for NDT. The whole laboratory is equipped with more than 300 sets of  inspection/calibration equipment with  the fixed assets worth more than 100 million yuan. Thus, the equipment level and test ability of the laboratory of HYST boast competitive advantages in the industry.

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