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Other Structural Pipe

Other Structural Pipe
Usage Dimension Steel Grade Standard/
 Aplication Fields  
OD(mm) WT(mm)
Structural Pipe 42760 4120 20#,35#,45#,Q345A/B/C/D,Q390,
Q420,25Mn,27SiMn etc.
GB/T 8162 General structural and mechanical pipe
Vehicle Pipe 45245 435 20Mn2,SAE1527,MZ410R,
MZ530R,30Mn2,40Cr,45Mn2 etc.
Technical agreement, YB/T5035 Pipe used for automobile axle and automobile semi-shaft
Mold Pipe &Tube DN200DN1200 21CrMo10,21CrMo10-2 etc. Q/OHAD030, technical agreement Centrifugal graphite casting-iron pipe
Military Pipe 42760 4120 30Cr,40Cr,35CrNi1MoA etc. National military standard, agreement Pipe for military use
Geology Drilling
Pipe &Tube
42133 425 DZ40,DZ55,STM-R780,DZ60 etc. Q/OHAD006, GB/T 9808, agreement Drilling pipe
Hydraulic Support Pipe 42760 4120 20#,35#,45#,27SiMn,30MnNbRE,
30CrMnSi,30CrMnSiA etc.
GB/T 17396, technical agreement Making hydraulic equipment for coal mine exploitation and hydraulic cylinder and piston for truck crane
Fluid Transmission Pipe & Tube 42760 4120 20#,Q345,Q390 etc. GB/T 8163, technical agreement Pipe & tube used for fluid transmission


Note: Steel pipe can be developed and produced to meet the users’ personalized requirements according to their demands.

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